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CZBLUE's tokenomics are designed to create a stable and attractive Defi farming experience while ensuring long-term value for its holders. The key elements of CZBLUE's tokenomics are:

  1. Burn Mechanism: CZBLUE implements a 1% burn on every buy, sell, and transfer transaction. This burn mechanism helps in balancing the token supply over time and maintaining its value. As trading volume increases, the burn mechanism will stabilize the token's value and create a more predictable trading environment, enabling traders to make more informed decisions and profit from market fluctuations.

  2. Unlimited Supply with Daily Emission Rate Adjustment: While CZBLUE has an unlimited supply, its daily emission rate adjustment feature ensures a consistently attractive 250% APR for Defi farmers. This emission rate adjustment keeps the token's price stable, providing traders with a consistently appealing investment opportunity. This innovative approach sets CZBLUE apart from other tokens, keeping the Defi farming experience fresh and exciting.

  3. Initial Liquidity and Market Cap: CZBLUE will launch with an initial liquidity of $2,000 and an estimated initial market cap of $30,000. This stable start will make CZBLUE an attractive investment for traders, as more liquidity ensures lower slippage and more efficient trading, allowing users to maximize their returns.


CZBLUE has a carefully planned distribution model that ensures fair allocation of tokens and fosters a vibrant and engaged community. The distribution model consists of the following components:

  1. CZBLUE Staking Pools: A significant portion of CZBLUE tokens will be allocated to various staking pools, allowing Defi farmers to earn impressive rewards by staking their tokens. The staking pools will offer a wide range of options for users to choose from, catering to different trading pairs and preferences.

  2. CZODIAC Partners and Token Launches: CZBLUE will allocate a portion of its tokens to new farms for CZODIAC partners and token launches. This strategic allocation will foster collaborations and integrations with other Defi projects, boosting CZBLUE's credibility and user base.

  3. Community Incentives: CZBLUE believes in creating a strong and engaged community, and to achieve this, a portion of tokens will be allocated for community incentives. These incentives will include airdrops, contests, and other community-focused events that will encourage users to participate and promote CZBLUE actively.

Features and Capabilities

CZBLUE boasts an array of features and capabilities that make it the ultimate token for Defi farmers and crypto traders alike. Some of the key features include:

  1. High APR for Defi Farmers: CZBLUE's daily emission rate adjustment ensures a consistently attractive 250% APR for Defi farmers. This high APR keeps users engaged and excited to farm more, making CZBLUE an ideal token for those seeking impressive returns on their investments.

  2. Diverse Staking Pools: CZBLUE offers a wide range of staking pools with various trading pairs, providing ample opportunities for users to diversify their portfolios and earn rewards. With options like 10x CZBLUE, 1x CZUSD, 80x CZBLUE/CZUSD, and many more, there's something for everyone, regardless of their preferred trading pairs.

  3. 1% Stake/Unstake Fee: To ensure fairness and prevent users from taking advantage of the system, CZBLUE implements a 1% stake/unstake fee. This fee not only maintains the integrity of the CZBLUE ecosystem but also encourages users to hold and stake their tokens for longer periods, creating a more stable and committed community.

  4. Arbitration Bots and Automated Burns: CZBLUE utilizes arbitration bots to monitor the price of paired tokens and automatically burn CZBLUE tokens when the price changes. This automated burn process helps maintain the token's stability and value, providing an additional layer of security for CZBLUE investors and stakers.

  5. Security and Trustworthiness: CZBLUE's admin and owner keys are held by the CZODIAC gnosis multisig safe, ensuring the highest level of security for the platform. Additionally, CZBLUE contracts are rigorously tested using Hardhat automated tests, and the implementation of OpenZeppelin libraries provides an extra layer of security and reliability for the token.

  6. Integration with CZODIAC Ecosystem: CZBLUE is designed to work seamlessly with the CZODIAC ecosystem, allowing users to enjoy a range of benefits and rewards. From staking pools to NFTs and collaborations with CZODIAC partners, CZBLUE users will have access to a vast array of opportunities to maximize their profits and participate in the thriving CZODIAC community.

  7. NFTs and Staking Pools for NFT Holders: CZBLUE will introduce its own NFTs, providing users with unique digital collectibles that can be used for various purposes within the CZODIAC ecosystem. Additionally, CZBLUE will offer exclusive staking pools for NFT holders, further incentivizing users to participate in the CZBLUE and CZODIAC community.


CZBLUE is a groundbreaking token designed to revolutionize the Defi farming experience, offering an attractive 250% APR, diverse staking pools, and innovative tokenomics. With a focus on security, community-building, and seamless integration with the CZODIAC ecosystem, CZBLUE is set to become the ultimate token for Defi farmers and crypto traders alike. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to maximize your profits and be part of the thriving CZODIAC community. Stake your CZBLUE on cz.farm today.

CBLUE CA: 0xD963b2236D227a0302E19F2f9595F424950dc186 Trade: CZ.CASH Chart: CoingeckoTerminal

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