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Launchpad: FairTribe

Investments in new deflationary tokens launched on CZUSD.
To launch your token, ask on our public telegram channel at, or drop us an email using [email protected]

Benefits for launching your token with FairTribe:

Are you looking to launch a new token but worried about the risks and challenges that come with traditional fair launches? Then look no further than CZODIAC's FairTribe launch! FairTribe offers a revolutionary new approach to token launches, providing unprecedented benefits and advantages for entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in the DeFi space.
Unlike traditional fair launches, FairTribe launches on CZUSD liquidity come with a guaranteed hard price floor and significant liquidity due to CZODIAC's investment. Every token launched on FairTribe is eligible for listing on TribePools, generating automatic buy volume and promoting long-term growth. Plus, all FairTribe launches get free listing on, making it easy for your token to gain visibility and reach a wider audience.
But that's not all - FairTribe also offers a quality presale with stats dapps included, promotion to the CZODIAC community, and 0% presale taxes. Plus, there are no fees for launching your token with CZODIAC. With all of these benefits and more, it's clear that FairTribe is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking to make a splash in the DeFi space. So why wait? Launch your token with FairTribe today and start on the path to success!

What is a FairTribe Launch?

CZODIAC's FairTribe is the ideal solution for those who want to launch a new token with no fees or investment requirements. A FairTribe launch is more than just a simple fair launch. Thanks to CZODIAC's CZUSD investment in the initial locked liquidity, FairTribe tokens benefit from a guaranteed hard price floor, making them more attractive to investors. Plus, every FairTribe token is eligible for automatic buy volume with TribePools and gets a free listing on

What are the tokenomics for a new launch?

Launch Without Presale

Are you tired of the same old token launches with ineffective investment strategies? Look no further than CZODIAC's FairTribe launch. Our standard FairTribe launch includes a 10,000 token cap and 10,000 CZUSD investment from CZODIAC for a secure and sustainable investment approach. Plus, our launch includes 100% of tokens in liquidity, a 10% burn, and BurnPay for effective reward distribution. Our unique approach to liquidity and price floor growth over time through burn and locked CZUSD liquidity sets us apart from the competition. Join successful launches like LSDT and DGOD and launch your own token with CZODIAC.
There are no restrictions or requirements for launching without a presale.

Launch With Presale

Looking for a token launch option that is tailored to your specific project's needs? CZODIAC's presale launch is the way to go. Our expert team of financial analysts will help calculate the ideal tokenomics for your project, and provide a CZUSD investment that can be as large as $10m, depending on the size of the presale and strength of the core tokenomics.
With CZODIAC's presale launch, you get the benefits of customized tokenomics and a strong price floor, all thanks to the efforts of our experienced team. Plus, our presale dapp allows buyers to purchase your token at a fixed rate, making your launch as smooth and efficient as possible.
To ensure the success of your launch, CZODIAC requires that your project meet certain criteria, such as having an active and interested community, real utility for token holders, and a good reputation for your launching team. We also require that 70%+ of tokens be in starting liquidity, and that 100% of liquidity be locked. With CZODIAC's presale launch, you can be confident that your project is in good hands. To launch your token, ask on our public telegram channel at: Or drop us an email: [email protected]