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Cashback: CZRewards

Earn cashback on CZodiac dapps plus referral rewards

Maximize Your Earnings with Cashback Rewards

CZODIAC's Cashback Program offers you the chance to earn big every time you use our dapps with CZUSD fees. To join in on the fun, simply register with an invitation link from one of our members. Invitation-only access ensures only the most dedicated users have the opportunity to maximize their earnings.
Tiers dictate your earning potential, so choose wisely! Upgrade your tier at any time to increase your earnings multiplier and receive even more rewards. Here's a breakdown of the available tiers:
  • Member: Earn 1x your transaction value in Cashback Rewards
  • Bronze: Enjoy 3x rewards on top of your transaction value
  • Silver: Claim 5x more Cashback Rewards with every transaction
  • Gold: Reap 7x the benefits of Cashback Rewards
  • Diamond: Dominate the Cashback game with 9x earning potential.
Here a user has $123,200 CZUSD to claim. Since they are SILVER tier, they are earning at 5x higher rate than if they were a MEMBER. If they click the "Claim Cashback" button, their rewards will be sent as CZUSD to their account.

Earning Bonus Rewards

Upgrading to a higher tier grants you the ability to share your referral link and start earning rewards from referrals. As the cashback claims and tier upgrades pile up, your rewards will grow along with it. Remember, the key to maximizing your earning potential is to have referrals who are lower tier than you, and to have as large a tier gap as possible.
Every time a referral or their referral upgrades their tier, you'll receive a generous payout based on your "influence" in their referral chain. For example, if you're a GOLD tier member and a BRONZE member upgrades to SILVER through your referral link, you'll receive 40% of their upgrade fee - $50 in this instance. The more you expand your referral network and help others upgrade, the greater your rewards will be.
Here a GOLD tier user has $76,380 CZUSD to claim from their rewards. If they click the "Claim Rewars" button the CZUSD will be sent to their account. Since they are GOLD tier, they earn a substantially higher rate from their referrals that are low tier.
One of the benefits of being part of the CZODIAC community is the ability to earn rewards through referrals. By sharing your unique referral link with others, you can register them as your referral and earn rewards every time they claim cashback or upgrade their tier. It is important to keep in mind that the link must be shared exactly as is, with no alterations or edits, or it may not work. Additionally, you can update your referral link at any time, but be sure to reshare it if you do so to ensure you don't miss out on any potential rewards.
Updating your referral link is free.
This is the referral link for the Czodiac Treasury. They can change their code by editing the "Change your code" field then clicking the "CHANGE CODE TO" button. The code is "TREASURY" - note that codes are case sensitive, so "treasury" is a different code than "TREASURY". Codes can contain the characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, "-", and "_". No other characters are allowed.

Invitation template

Use the below template to invite your friends to join. Feel free to edit it for the particular situation! It can be a good idea the template to ChatGPT or other language models and ask the AI to rewrite it for your particular situation.
Important: Swap your {yourinvitelinkhere} for your actual invite link from You need to be at least Bronze tier to have an invite link.

Template text

Claim your exclusive invite now, time's ticking ⏰⏰!
👉 {yourinvitelinkhere}
Make your crypto dreams come true with the CZ Rewards Program 🤩! Earn passive rewards every time someone down your referral chain upgrades their tier or uses other czodiac dapps. The higher the tier, the bigger the rewards 🤑. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity, join now and start earning big!
🚀 But hurry, only the most dedicated users are invited to participate, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity before it expires. ♦️
⭐️Choose Wisely and Maximize Your Earnings!⭐️ The tiers and earning potential are 🔥! Select your tier wisely and increase your earnings multiplier to receive more rewards. Here are the options:
  • 🧑 Member: 1x cashback rewards from referrals
  • 🏆 Bronze: 3x cashback rewards from referrals
  • 🥄 Silver: 5x cashback rewards from referrals
  • 🥇 Gold: 7x cashback rewards from referrals
  • 💎 Diamond: 9x cashback rewards from referrals
💥Experience the Power of Referral Links!💥 Be part of the CZODIAC community and get the most out of your referral links. Earn rewards with every upgrade 🚀 and start making your crypto dreams come true!
🤝Spread the Word and Earn Even More!🤝 Follow the link and join the invitation-only CZ Rewards Program! Tell your friends and earn even more CZUSD for their referrals. Start earning today and reach your crypto goals!
What are you waiting for? 😎 Head to the Rewards dapp to sign up and start earning today! ♦️Website: ♦️Trading DEX: ♦️Twitter: ♦️Telegram: ♦️Discord: ♦️Medium: