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Divipool (DIVIPOOL)

Divi Pool is a new project that aims to create a unique, dual staking pool for cryptocurrency investors. The project will create a smart contract where users can send their tokens to the pool. Once the tokens are deposited, the pool will stake the tokens and generate rewards.
The pool will operate as a dual staking pool, meaning that users can send two types of tokens to the pool. For example, in a BNB-Cake pool, users can only send BNB or Cake tokens. The pool will then stake both tokens to generate rewards.
When a user decides to withdraw their staked tokens, they will receive their original tokens plus a portion of the rewards generated from the staking process. The rewards will be divided equally between the two tokens in the pool. For example, if User A deposited BNB and User B deposited Cake, and the pool generated 10% rewards, User A will receive their original BNB deposit plus 5% of the Cake rewards, while User B will receive their original Cake deposit plus 5% of the BNB rewards.
The goal of Divi Pool is to provide a unique staking experience for cryptocurrency investors. By allowing users to stake two different tokens in a single pool, Divi Pool aims to attract investors who are looking for diversification and increased potential returns.
Contract Address: 0x5b5F7e24D075394E92fd3C131B0B8A086e01f819